Coleman Scanoe

The Coleman Scanoe (everything you need to know)

The Coleman Scanoe is a hybrid cross of a canoe and skiff boat, the first of its kind. The first thing to know about the Scanoe is that it has been discontinued and is no longer available on the market today. However, many are still big Scanoe fans and there is a market for these watercraft.

Is looking for a Canoe worth it? Or are you better off with one of the many alternatives available today?

Today, I’m bringing you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the Coleman Scanoe. I’ll also reveal some of the best alternatives.

What is a Scanoe?

As I talked about earlier, the Scanoe is a hybrid cross between a canoe (which is a manual paddle boat commonly used for fishing or recreational use), and a skiff boat (which is typically motorized).

What is a Scanoe

Coleman was the first brand to take the two and combine the portability and ease of use of a standard canoe with the motorization and heavy duty functions of a skiff boat.

The main feature which differentiates the Scanoe from a traditional canoe is the square back that you can use to mount a motor.

This makes the Scanoe a good option for faster transport and greater customization, while maintaining the portability advantage a canoe offers over a traditional skiff.

About Coleman

Coleman Logo

Coleman was founded in 1900 by W.C Coleman in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and holds its reputation as the USA brand for all outdoor recreational products.

It all started with the creation of the first powered portable lantern, and the rest is history.

Today, you can find Coleman products in most sporting goods stores nationwide. From their selection of various camping gear, to their selection of boats, they have just about everything you need for your next adventure.

The Coleman Scanoe

The Coleman Scanoe was first manufactured in 1980. It was the first ever hybrid between a canoe and skiff boat on the market.

It was the first to feature a square back made to mount a motor, which is one of the identifying features of Scanoes today.

The Coleman Scanoe

Gaining popularity for its design, Coleman sold the Scanoe to Pelican in 2001. Pelican continued to manufacture the Scanoe until eventually discontinuing the product.

Still, there is a large market for people looking to get their hands on an original Coleman Scanoe. Why? Well, it’s all about the product’s specs and features.


The Coleman Scanoe gained its popularity for its durability, portability and ease of use. It’s the perfect cross between a canoe and skiff boat.

The introduction of a square back was what took the Scanoe to the next level. It easily fits a motor of your choice.

Keep reading to learn about the specs of the Scanoe, including its size, construction material, weight, capacity, and other important features, so you have an entire run down on the product.


The Coleman Scanoe measures out to a total of 16 feet and 3 inches in length, and weighs in at a total of 130 pounds, with its 43 inch beam being the widest part of the entire vessel.

Comparing these dimensions to canoes that average out to 16 feet at 50 lbs and skiff boats at 15 feet and 300 lbs, the Scanoe is the perfect mix between both of them.

The Coleman Scanoe Size


Made from durable polyethylene, the Coleman Scanoe is made to last, while being lightweight for better portability, which is another thing that makes it a crowd favorite.

If you keep a watercraft made of this material in good condition and do the right maintenance, it can typically last for up to 12 years.


This boat’s capacity is one of the reasons that the Coleman Scanoe is a true fan favorite.

This vessel can hold an astonishing 950 pounds of total weight.

Remember, you will need to know the weights of your passengers, and the weight of the gear you want to transport, when figuring out how many people can go in your Scanoe.

The fact that the Scanoe has 4 rod holders for simultaneous fishing is an honorable mention.

Scanoe Popularity and Customer Reviews

Despite being discontinued in 2001, the Coleman Scanoe has racked up many great customer reviews over the years.

Most of us know that customer reviews are the most reliable source for learning about a product’s quality.

Customers praise the Coleman Scanoe for its fair speed, large capacity, high stability, and great maneuverability.

Scanoe Popularity and Customer Reviews

Surprisingly, the Coleman Scanoe has stood the test of time. It still gets a flow of customer reviews, many saying they wished that Coleman still made them.

Some reviews rave about the boat’s durability, claiming to have had it since as early as 2010 and still being able to use it with confidence.

Its ease of use is the factor that makes this boat stand out most. It’s the perfect size for singles and tandems to have a day out on the lake without having to worry about transporting a 300-pound skiff boat.

Best Scanoe Alternatives

The Coleman Scanoe is still well-loved by its legions of fans. However, the unfortunate reality is that it has been discontinued since 2001, and the likelihood of Coleman or Pelican bringing it back is close to zero.

Luckily, the concept of the flat-sterned canoe has gained great popularity and other brands have taken it upon themselves to manufacture their own scanoes.

Best Scanoe Alternatives

Here, I’ll list some great alternatives to the Coleman Scanoe.

But first, keep in mind that they may not be quite the same as the Scanoe. Some may lean more towards the canoe category, while others tend to be more like a skiff boat.

So, when choosing an alternative to the Scanoe, you need to know what to look for and which features are most important to you.

Here is my list (in no particular order) of the top contenders for the best Coleman Scanoe alternative.

Pelican Bayou 160Pelican
Discovery Sport 15Old Town
Calusa ProTowee
Pelican 15.5Pelican
Cruiser 14.8 Solo CanoeCruiser is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Pelican Bayou 160

Pelican Bayou 160 Square-Stern Canoe - A Good Option if You Can't Find a Coleman Scanoe

Pelican was the brand that purchased the Scanoe from Coleman. So, it makes sense that they managed to create a great Scanoe alternative in the Pelican Bayou 160.

Sporting the same square back for a motor, the Pelican Bayou weighs in at 117 pounds and also has a maximum carrying capacity of 950 pounds.

It’s constructed from similar material to the original Scanoe. Overall, the Pelican Bayou is the hybrid canoe most similar to the Scanoe that is available today.

The Pelican Bayou is great for recreational use as well as for boating, paddling, and fishing.

While you cannot find this particular model manufactured by Pelican itself today, you can still find it for sale and brand new on the market at a similar price to its original retail value.

Pelican 15.5 Canoe

Pelican 15.5 Canoe

Another alternative by Pelican is the Pelican 15.5 Canoe. Luckily, you can find this one on the Pelican website at retail price.

As the name suggests, it measures out to 15 feet, with a width of 37.5 inches, and it can hold 3 people with a maximum carrying capacity of 800 pounds.

It’s smaller than the standard canoe, and smaller in comparison to the original Scanoe. This helps in increasing its maneuverability, making it the perfect canoe for white water and fishing.

Another similarity is that the Pelican 15.5 is made from the same material as the Scanoe and the Bayou, which ensures durability.

Of course, there are differences that set the boat apart from the original Scanoe and the Bayou.

A key difference with this model is that it does not feature a square back like the Scanoe or the Bayou and its alternatives. So, you won’t be able to mount a motor onto the canoe without purchasing a separate mount.

Old Town Discovery Sport 15

Old Town Discover Sport 15 - Square Stern Canoe

The Discovery Sport 15 by Old Town is another great alternative to the Coleman Scanoe. However, this model does lean more towards the canoe category.

Featuring the same square back, this vessel is great if you want to attach a motor so you can ditch the paddles on your next fishing trip.

Unlike the Scanoe, the Discovery Sport can hold up to 4 people rather than just 2.

Another great feature of the Old Town Discovery Sport 15 that is similar to the Scanoe is that it’s crafted from three layers of polyethylene. This provides outstanding durability.

Towee Calusa Pro

Towee Calusa Pro - Scanoe Alternative
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The Towee Calusa Pro leans more towards the skiff boat category, coining the term “crossover skiff.” It’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a lightweight stiff-like boat that will get the job done.

With a total length of 16 feet, a 51 inch beam, and a total holding capacity of 3 people, the features are eerily similar to the ones for which the Scanoe is known and loved.

The Calusa Pro is crafted from fiberglass for lightweight durability.

Some of this watercraft’s unique features include its top of the line rod storage that can fit up to 8 fishing rods with ease, its Bully Keel for fast tracking, and its Towee bow cap to get the right positioning when fishing and hunting.

This vessel is compact but gets the job done, with everything you need in one boat.

Cruiser 14.8 Solo Canoe

Cruiser 14.8 Solo Canoe - A Good Pack Canoe Alternative to Coleman's Scanoe

If you prefer a solo canoe over a kayak and are looking for a reliable, versatile, and portable canoe, consider getting the Cruiser 14.8 Solo Canoe.

If you want the ease of use that was offered by the original Scanoe, but don’t mind an option that isn’t a square-stern design as the Coleman Scanoe was, you should take a look at this solo canoe.

Want something a bit bigger? The Cruiser comes in a larger version called the Cruiser 14.8 Pack Boat.

It’s 14.8 feet in length and made from durable carbon and Kevlar fusion guaranteed to last.

I’ve had the opportunity to try one of these, and I love how it feels in the water – great tracking and excellent balance, even for a big guy like me.

Final Thoughts: Coleman Scanoe

The Coleman Scanoe was the first of its kind and completely changed the dynamics of boat manufacturing. Its innovation was ahead of its time and captured the hearts of many boaters nationwide.

While it’s no longer in production, its features are still well-known and loved by many. Luckily, you can still find them in several great alternatives available on the market today.

Overall, the closest you can get to a Coleman Scanoe these days is in the compact canoes made by Pelican. When you consider Pelican’s history and deep ties with the Coleman brand, it certainly makes sense.