Joe from PeacefulPaddle.com

Hello and welcome to my website, PeacefulPaddle.com.

My name is Joe and I’m from Maine, USA. I grew up freshwater fishing the lakes and rivers of Maine – from Moosehead to Thompson Lake and Sebago. My family and I took several canoe camping trips when I was a boy, where I learned to pack a canoe and run some rapids.

I have fond memories of canoeing across Chesuncook Lake on a windy day (pretty wild, but we made it!), and not so fond memories of portaging on our Moose River trip (black flies the size of cats!).

As a teen I got a taste for kayaking after I took part in a sea kayaking trip along the coast of Maine, navigating Pemaquid Point and spending the night on islands around Vinalhaven. At one point we had some navigation problems on a foggy day and nearly headed to Isle au Haut! Luckily we used our map and compass to correct the mistake after lunch. We found a sheltered place to spend the night, and got back on course the next morning after a thunderstorm.

I love to fish, and I built this website to share my love of boating and the outdoors. I’ve never liked motor boats, ski-doos, or anything like that, preferring to explore the beauty of the great outdoors at a pace which allows me to notice and appreciate the wildlife, and the rhythms of the world around me.

On this website I’ll share some articles designed to help both new and more experienced boaters learn about tips and tools for canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. I hope you find these articles helpful and have a great day out on the water!

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