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Tandem Kayak with Child Seat

Safety Tips For Using a Tandem Kayak with Child Seat

If you’re a parent and enjoy the outdoors, you are probably eager to share the experience with your children. But remember, safety first! Maybe you want to bring them along on a kayaking adventure. But how can you do this safely? Keep reading to find out about using a tandem kayak with a child seat.

Kayaking for Beginners

Kayaking for Beginners: What to Know Before You Go

Follow the call of adventure! It’s time to explore the great outdoors. Since you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing you’ve decided kayaking is the water sport for you. But you’ve got to start somewhere, and that’s at the beginning. Let’s explore everything you need to know about kayaking for beginners.

Kayaking Solo

Kayaking Solo: A Guide for Safety & Fun

Instructors often warn beginner kayakers, “Never kayak alone.” Do they mean the more the merrier? Not really. They say to kayak with others because it’s safer. But what if you’re determined to go by yourself? You can, but you’ve got to prepare. Keep reading to find out about how to stay safe when kayaking solo.