I own, where I share my passion for exploring the outdoors by boat. I went on annual canoe-camping trips with my family as a kid, and sea-kayaked over 100 miles along the coast of Maine as a teenager, camping on islands along the way. These days I hit Maine's lakes and rivers whenever I can to fish, escape, and explore.

Best White Water Rafting in the US

Best White Water Rafting Locations in the US

Just imagine the ambient sounds of water racing past rocks and obstacles, chauffeuring you down a river on your adventure, cool water splashing on your skin. You and your companions are bracing unpredictable currents to conquer the white water. Excited yet? Keep reading to discover the best white water rafting in the US.

How Much Does White Water Rafting Cost

How Much Does White Water Rafting Cost?

Did you know that the first rafters sailed down wooden rafts before the rubber raft was invented? Sometimes they’d even fall apart. Yikes! Luckily, today we have sturdy white water rafts that are made for safety. Today, I’ll answer the question: how much does white water rafting cost?

Best SUP Brands

Best SUP Brands List (+ brands to definitely avoid)

Stand-up paddle boarding is a modern take on surfing that combines the relaxation of a paddleboard, and the adventure of a surfboard. Just like any sport, having the right equipment is important to ensure safety, comfort, and a good time overall. Keep reading to find out the best SUP brands.

Best Duck Hunting Kayak

Best Duck Hunting Kayak

Gearing up for your next duck hunting expedition? If you are, there’s one crucial decision you’ll have to make and that is the type of watercraft to use. Initially, most hunters relied on duck boats. But kayaks are quickly becoming a favorite option, understandably so. Unlike the motorized duck boats, kayaks help you access remote …

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